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About Us

About us > The Goal

1. 1. Speed to Completion – We ensure that your vehicle will be done in half the time that it takes most shops.
2. 2. Total Quality Repairs & Service – Our system guarantees that everything necessary to repair your vehicle happens at the right time.
3. 3. Attention to the Customer – We listen to you and keep you informed during the repair process.
4. 4. Priced Right – We eliminate the waste in our process so we can charge less in most cases. At BRACKEN COLLISION CENTERS you will get the best value for your dollar.

Waste Abounds in the Traditional Collision Repair Model

The traditional collision repair model suffers from, among other things:

• Lack of defined standards causing quality fluctuation

• Lack of defined processes reducing predictability

• Inadequate process causing repetitive actions

• Lack of standards devaluing inspection process

• Late discovery of quality issue causing rework

• Individual technicians determining repair quality

• Work stoppage due to parts issues, bottlenecks, etc

At Bracken Collision Centers

• Vehicle prepared in a unique way so it can be worked on continuously until completion

• Work standards in place for each step in the system that are maintained and verified throughout the process

• Interdependent set of steps performed by a highly skilled and versatile team

• Inspections performed at the advance point between steps

• Visual workplace with directional-flow vehicle processing

• Status updates real-time and electronically accessible

• Flexible capacity that responds to demand/expandable, “Sprint” capacity
The inconsistent performance of traditional collision repair models can be costly

• Vehicles sit idle, waiting for parts or due to bottlenecks/multiple supplements in the repair process

• Misdiagnosed damage adds cost and time

• Loss-of-use costs are unpredictable

• Quality is inconsistent because of the lack of work standards

At Bracken Collision Centers

• We utilize “lean manufacturing” principles

• Standard work/standard equipment and tooling/standard processes deliver consistent quality with predictable delivery dates

• Redundant activity and idle downtime are reduced.

• Cost-conscious repair methodology delivers competitive pricing

• Streamline workflow creates consistency in guaranteed quality and delivery

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